Our business

The IP counsel's expertise will help you achieve your business goals

The IP Counsel is an independent and totally unbiased Interim Management resource that specialises in maximising business performance.

With the boundaries between knowledge, skills, technology, access, and marketing becoming blurred, there is a need for companies to have an expert understanding of how best to exploit their intellectual property, human resource, brand assets and customer data.

What we do

  • We will review the management team, the corporate structure, reporting procedures, and use of resources
  • Assess, advise and then as required, manage any change management programme we recommend
  • We will identify, secure, package, develop and exploit a company‚Äôs intangible assets and then assist with any recommendation that we make
  • We will evaluate and value these assets for the purpose of a merger or acquisition
  • We are able to help companies develop new and original revenue streams by providing a unique insight into Interactive Technologies, CRM, Media, Communications, Youth Trends and Retailing
  • Our solutions will always produce faster results, bring cost containment benefits, release valuable management time and generate new business streams.

    Each member of our team brings a specific skill set, knowledge and a proven track record in their respective field, that enables us to help our clients quickly realise their goals and the true value of their assets